Opposite of Super Mom

When I was about five months pregnant, we started getting Jack’s room ready. Everyone kept asking me what theme we were using for the nursery.

“Um…we painted it blue.”

So, yeah, no theme. That takes so much planning, you know. And effort. And coordination. So, we painted it blue, put down an area rug and set up a crib. Voila! Nursery!

I never progressed too far past that time period, and that room is currently a state of chaos. Jack isn’t allowed to be in there unsupervised, because it’s just so…messy. Empty diaper boxes stacked two or three high, waiting to be filled with outgrown clothing, or at least broken down and put out in the recycling. Stacks of too-big clothing in the corner, waiting to be worn. A couch that is a catch all for all sorts of things and the top of the dresser is crammed full of a humidifier, video monitor, gift bags full of sentimental items I need to transfer to the “KEEP THIS FOREVER BECAUSE IT GIVES ME MUSHY FEELINGS” box. In other words, that room is a complete wreck. I finally hung up a baby blanket that was given to us, but the other artwork I purchased is still laying on the catch-all couch.

In October, leading up to Halloween, several people asked me if I was taking Jack trick-or-treating. Ummm…no. It never even occurred to me to take a 15-month-old to do something he wouldn’t understand to get a bunch of candy he couldn’t have and oh, yeah, that doesn’t sound like any fun AT ALL. I did buy an overpriced costume and took him into the office to basically show off how cute he was, and predictably he couldn’t care less about the candy that was offered to him by people, instead preferring to just run around like a maniac. So, that’s what we did for Halloween.

For Christmas, we didn’t visit a mall Santa or have any official Christmas pictures taken. We didn’t do Christmas cards and mail them off, showing off our family (and our adorable 18 month old.) I noticed a stack of them that had been given to the daycare provider when I was there and guiltily admitted that “We don’t do Christmas cards.” For no reason other than I am immensely lazy.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. No biggie, that’s kind of a throw-away holiday anyway, right? Even Jason and I barely celebrate that one, usually begging off the whole present-buying part because HELLO! Christmas was just a few days ago, right?


When I got to daycare, I realized all the rest of the kids were wearing red or pink or hearts and whatnot. I looked down at Jack in his blue and white dinosaur shirt. Oh well, he doesn’t know the difference anyway, I thought. When I returned at the end of the day to retrieve him, there was a Valentine’s bag with his name on it ready to go home with him. The daycare lady helped Jack pull out a new Hot Wheels toy from his bag from them, which was so nice you guys. She helped him get it out of the package and I let him play with it all the way home in the car. I set the bag on the counter and didn’t look at the contents because play/dinner/bath/clean kitchen/pack lunch/play/bedtime/zzzzz.


Today, while cleaning up the kitchen, I looked in the bag and discovered a few treats she’d put in there, but ALSO there were Valentine’s cards to Jack from all the other kids. Some with treats attached.


I feel like such a jackass.

I solemnly swear to do better from now on. And maybe get the nursery big kid room cleaned up and decorated one of these days.

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2 Responses to Opposite of Super Mom

  1. Grandma Oliver says:

    That’s O.K. Jack doesn’t care what his room looks like ! Love It !!!!

  2. Grandpa Oliver says:

    Shame on you Sonja!!!! Just wait til I tell Santa about you!!!!!

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