Floor Time

So, this one really IS for the grandparents (and all the crazy baby people.) I mean, seriously, it’s a video (5 minutes loooooong) of Jack basically doing nothing (except being adorably cute and awesome) except for playing on the floor.

He’s still not crawling on his hands and knees in a graceful fashion, but is able to pull and lurch and generally get himself across the floor in order to reach his target (anything he’s not actually supposed to have.)


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3 Responses to Floor Time

  1. Deanna ridgway says:

    That was THE BEST video ever!

  2. Grandma says:

    OMG He is just too cute. Gonna be on all fours soon. Sounds like he is trying to say DA Da ??????? I wanna just pick him up and hug him ! Thank You!

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